Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vacumm cleaner store!

So today... I spent my day driving around south philly running errands for my mother. It was pretty mundane things such as postoffice, the bank, the food store, and the pharmacy.

There was one interesting stop that was the vacuum cleaner store. I walk into the store and a man with a very interesting hairdo ( mullet) greets me and that's all fine except it prompted me to wonder how does one break into the vacuum cleaner fixing buisness, was it his fathers and he was forced? Was it what he always wanted to do as a little boy? Or is this where he is stuck? Either way alot of useless things can go through your head when the man with the buisness up front party in the back changed my belt and cleaned and lubed me (how he put it) and while all this was going on I thought I would actually write in my blog today about my random thoughts....

Why is the guy who sells the stamps not forced to tuck in his shirt? Why does everyone in South Philly call each other babe or hon? Oh crap my car is being weird again! I need to hurry and put my pin in so that the cashier dude in target gets a G and not an R! It sucks that my anniversary is on a Monday and I won't even get to see nora! Why won't the man at the vacuum place get a real haircut! Oh look the make your own wine place is right next door to the vacuum cleaner place I should tell biff to tell her Dad! Friends really was the best f'in show ever on TV. You get the picture I'm boring myself now LOL could this blog BE any more pointless -chandler

Love me

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gem2006 said...

I love when you blog. :)