Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feeling Helpless!

Today I had lunch with an old friend of mine, she was someone I used to work with and thought very highly of, still do in fact. She is the latest person I heard of getting the luck of the draw or unluck of the draw and was laid off (from what I thought would be my fall back job if I got desperate enough to deal with a certain someone again) and I feel for her and want to help her because I know exactly how she is feeling, and although I had the love and support of everyone around me I still had to go through all the stages of grief on my own. Another very important someone in my life is waiting on an important email or phone call and its breaking my heart not to be able to make her feel better, she has my heart all of it and I just keep searching my head to find some words that will just make her know it will all be OK!

I hate this weather it always makes me feel like crap, I just want the sun to come out and help me to feel better instead of Feeling Helpless.

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