Wednesday, March 12, 2008

sweating sickness


I have been slightly interested in the Tudors particularly Anne Boleyn so I am watching the Showtime show the Tudors and thinking I wonder how true to the real story it is....So as some things come up I look it up.

Currently the episode is about the title of my blog the breakout of the Sweating Sickness if you would like to learn about the horrible outbreak go here and apparently Anne Boleyn was struck with the sweating sickness and was able to overcome it which was a shocking thing since people of this time got it and died a few hours later if you want to read about Anne go here

Anywho I wish I had some more history in school not that I would have payed attention but well yea oh well......

Played Powerball for tonight 230 million I would be ok with that although I dont know how much of it I would want to keep in my possesion having that much money screws people up I would def help out some friends buy a house and a loom for my girlfriend lol.

Crap its after 11 I should go check and see if anyone has won the jackpot make sure its not from some small bumblefuck town in mississippi I can't check the numbers since the ticket is in my car.

Back to the Tudors Whoppie!

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Backstaba's

The title of my blog doesnt mean much except I have that song in my head from the diner today in which I ate an undercooked grilled cheese and an overcooked crock of french onion soup but ah whatever can't expect le bec fin.

For the past few days I have been feeling really nervous about the whole I need to find a job or im screwed thing. I am tired of living without Nora's glistening eyes looking at me every morning when we first wake up or just hearing her say good morning and im also tired of feeling like I can't stand on my own two feet since I have been living back home for a year now....Yes I said a year it seems like just yesterday.

Ughh I have a headache