Monday, November 3, 2008

How did I come from him?

So I called a certain someone to find out about getting a tune up for tomorrow which is (Election Day) and I had to sit and listen to someone go on to me about how he is not going to vote for a baby killer (like roe v wade could be overturned by McCain) and don't get me wrong I am not pro kill babies but I stand by rape and incest to "kill babies" and lets not forget that I was also told to go out and buy a gun for when all the N-words take over the world. This someone also went into Universal Healthcare and how we are not a socialist country and it could never be done. Soooo I ask the questions How did I come from him? and How is that teaching me a be a good human to love others and not judge? He himself is a baby killer cause I felt a small part of me die and since I was once a baby of this someone how how how does his blood run through my veins? THANK GOD I DIDNT BRING UP GAY MARRIAGE.

SO WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID I SAY GOOOOOO BARACK Prove him wrong!  At least my Vote will cancel his dumb ass!

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gem2006 said...

Apparently, you got the few good sperm he had in his body. But, I guess when he gave them to you that's all the good that was left.