Monday, October 6, 2008

Im just tired!

Yesterday I had to force myself to study and do all the things that I am being forced to do (like pointless didn't teach me anything lessons) and I'm just so tired. I am tired of my life as it were 30 years and nothing has been easy its always a struggle and frankly I'm tired of it. I still feel really off about the whole stepping away from a friendship that was bad anyway but there being no closure. I am tired of not getting to see the one thing that is easy in my life every day. School is wearing me down and this is only week six the best is yet to come. People around me with the exception of a few tire me out as well, its just too much of a waste of my time to try and hold onto relationships that are just not worth it. I will never sign up to do 12 hours of classes in one day again that's for sure. Please let something go easy for once oh yea and I'm definitely getting sick Happy happy joy joy.

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