Monday, February 15, 2010

Welcome Back

I need to start writing better.

I am going to attempt to use this blog to learn how to not write the way that it sounds in my head.

I have been looking into four year colleges and if I major the way I would like I am going to have to write ALOT. I really do not want to be embarrassed I want my papers to flow and sound like a 31 year old wrote them rather than a 12 year old who is just learning punctuation.

I also would like to learn a new word every day that I can use in a sentence and I will post it here.

Todays word will be........

vivify \VIV-uh-fy\ , transitive verb;
1. To endue with life; to make alive; to animate.
2. To make more lively or intense.

Can the writer isolate and vivify all in experience that most deeply engages our intellects and our hearts?

Until tomorrow if I remember :)


Joy of Living said...

You vivify my life baby.

gem2006 said...

For a moment there I couldn't remember who's blog this was. :) But, I'm glad to see Bernice is writing once again!

Boss Lady said...

Thanks Biff!

Awwww Baby I love you!