Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tired Just Tired

So its been awhile sorry about that BFF LOL.

I am so worn out from back and forthness yes I just made up my own word. All week and some of last week I have been running back and forth to Unemployment trying to get through all the red tape and crazy crazy crazyness that they make you go through. On Monday I took the adult version of the SAT and did pretty well I thought I would totally bomb it well bomb the math part but I did ok! Shout out to those who helped me study or gave me words of encouragement and realize im not as dumb as I think I am :).
Yesterday I took assessment tests to determine what my career should be and really the only thing I got out of reading those papers was a chuckle about how I should probably control my temper at work cause I spend too much time telling off my bosses. How funny is that I am pretty layed back at work I get annoyed of course doesn't anyone but I can't remember a time I told off my boss. Today I must go back and meet with a counselor to try to figure out where to go to school and etc. that is at 11 then I have to be back there at 3 to take yup you guessed it another test.

Sorry that was all like one sentence I type how I think hahaha!

On another note I wish I still had medical benefits and was still seeing Andrea I really need it maybe I should call her and find out how much she will charge me per hour or maybe I will just see her Sunday which would be nice.

PS I will be at Sunday Out all day long helping out some friends sell stuff and will be heading to the constitution center at 1 ish to hear Matthew Sheppards Mom speak. Hope to run into people there. Ok time for a shower so I can head to Unemployment for the millionth time. Hey maybe they should give me a job there.

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gem2006 said...

Oh, how I miss thee... thanks for the post. :)